$3500 Raised for Marshall Athletics!

Thank you for all your support!

Super Bowl Fundraiser

Its time to get in on the action.  The Marshall Athletic Booster is excited to announce our Super Bowl Fundraiser.  Purchase your football squares today with a chance to win big and give back top the athletic programs of Marshall.  We have multiple Games going and once a game is sold out we will start a new one.  We will close down the Pools at 9:00 pm on Saturday.  We will post all the Game boards by 1:00pm pm Super Bowl Sunday.   

$20 Board Payouts - Sold Out
1st Quarter  125.00
2nd Quarter 150.00 
3rd Quarter  225.00
4th Quarter or OT  500.00
$50 Board Payouts - Sold Out
1st Quarter  300.00
2nd Quarter 350.00 
3rd Quarter  450.00
4th Quarter or OT  1000.00